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Elizabeth J. Carter, Ph.D. 


Please contact me at Liz.Carter at for questions or p/reprints.


Currently, I am a Project Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University in the Robotics Institute examining how people interact with social robots and virtual agents as well as how we can make public transportation accessible for all users. Previously, I was an Associate Research Scientist at Disney Research, a division of Imagineering at The Walt Disney Company. I worked on projects examining interactive avatars, face animation, the uncanny valley, and human-robot interaction. Before that, I was a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University working on human-computer interaction, perception, and autism studies with Jessica Hodgins and Diane Williams. In 2009, I received my Ph.D. in Psychology (Developmental/Cognitive) from Carnegie Mellon for examining how the brains of children and adults interpret basic social signals, including body movements and facial expressions.


For more information on my current and past research, please see the project pages.

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